Hello! My name is Pablo Funcia. I am a graphic designer based in London since June 2012. I am currently part of the team at design consultancy 20.20 Ltd. This site shows a selection of my personal work produced since 2011.
I hope you will enjoy your visit. If you wish to get in touch, please send an email to
I believe exceptional work results from strong concepts and immaculate execution. I look for relevant ideas
that engage with people and make each finished project a memorable experience. While I favour experimentation and the challenging of established ideas and methods, simplicity lies at the heart of everything I do.
I still believe in the power of pencil and paper.
In 2005, I started a Fine Arts degree in Sevilla (Spain), where I experienced the weight of tradition. In 2010,
I graduated from the School of Fine Arts of Valencia, where I specialized as a graphic designer and became aware of the importance of questioning the established.

During 2011 I was part of the design team at the Master in Design & Illustration (Valencia), where I had the opportunity to be involved in a highly challenging and creative working environment, very closely related to art and culture.

After several months of freelancing, I relocated to London in June 2012, driven by the need of developing my career from this unique cultural centre and international hub.
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