NOTE — This project was developed while working at 20.20



The Diamond Club is the most prestigious hospitality space at Emirates Stadium. Designed by 20.20, it encapsulates the quality, craftsmanship and tradition of the Art Deco period. Throughout the space, bespoke graphics celebrate Arsenal FC's glorious years and iconic landmarks like Highbury Stadium. The space required a premium brochure to attract prospective members for the 2014 season.


Inspired by the exclusivity of the space, the design of the brochure is led by the idea of 'reveal'. From page 1 the reader is immersed in the space, guided by the narrative and allowed to discover every corner and detail throughout the pages.

In order to reflect the club's personality, the layout translates some of the interior design features into a consistent graphic style applied across the brochure. The look and feel is understated and refined, conveying a sense of timeless elegance. Bespoke and premium finishes help bring the 'reveal' concept to life and convey the exclusivity of the space.


Graphic stories are essential to the Diamond Club. Together they bring a unique personality to the space, enhancing the members' experience and strengthening their bond with the club and its history. These are given special emphasis in the brochure as one of the key features of the space.


As part of the development of the project, a photo shoot was carried out and directed to specifically capture all key touchpoints and enhance the sense of immersion in the space throughout the brochure. This visual journey culminates in the view from the balcony; the most exclusive in Emirates Stadium and the Diamond Club's key USP.


All images © 20.20 Ltd / Pablo Funcia 2013